Archbishop Justin Welby - He is Risen AlleluiaHAPPY EASTER! New video from Archbishop Justin Welby!

More than 40 years ago, whilst studying at Cambridge University, Archbishop Justin Welby made a decision to give his life to Christ.
Inspired by the prayers of family and friends - Archbishop Justin recounts this journey, taking a trip down memory lane with old school friend Nick Hills - who led him to Christ - whilst they were both still students at University together


Bishop StephenHow will you measure this New Year? 

Bishop Stephen's New Year message for 2018

We used to measure time by the rising and setting of the sun and by the cycle of the moon. All this was apparent to the naked eye and needed little additional calculation. We called these days and months.

Then we observed the movement of the sun, and added years: and then, at some point, hours and minutes; and then named the days and months and numbered the years; and then clocks and calendars and, eventually, the pulsating throb of the mobile phone in your pocket telling you your next appointment is due and mapping all that you will do today, tomorrow and until you are no more. No wonder a wise African bishop asked why it is that we in the west have all the clocks, but they in Africa have all the time. We have become imprisoned by precision. Every moment is accounted for

So Happy New Year! Happy new turning of the chapter from last year to this year. In one sense it is just another rising of the sun; but it is also an invitation to reflect.

How will I measure this New Year?

How will I measure my life?

Will it be by days and months? Or will it be by what I do in them and what I achieve? Or will it be by the love and generosity with which I do these things and inhabit these days?

So this is my prayer for the New Year: O Lord, teach me to measure my life in something other than years.

Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell
Bishop of Chelmsford 


Liz FisherYouth Work Update - End of School Year 2017

Schools Work

The end of the summer term was really busy for me, as follows:

  • At Mayflower High School I was asked to mentor two girls through to the end of term;
  • I taught year 10 (14-15yrs) about ‘Christians in the Community’ as part of their GCSE in Religious Studies;
  • I assisted SMB with a lunch-time group and Community Support.

The lessons were very successful with Year 10 and they relished asking all sorts of challenging questions, whilst somehow managing to keep on track with the subject. It is great to be a Christian Youth Worker with knowledge about the history of social action in this country and also having knowledge on the structure of the church. In particular, there were some really interesting discussions at the end of the lessons about the importance of volunteering and helping others, as well as recognising some of the dangerous aspects of being a Street Pastor.

It has been a confidence boost to support the Religious Studies department during the last term of the year. I know that the staff were grateful for the help and I can’t wait to see them in their new home as they move across the school to different classrooms. The RS department also said farewell to their Head in July. Judy Bryans has been a teacher at Mayflower for a very long time and retired with all the grace in the world. It was a privilege to work with her over the last 8 years and to see how she has prepared for her departure. Stephanie Edwards has already taken on the role of Head of Department and is enjoying the challenges it brings. I have worked closely with Stephanie over the las year and I am excited that she is in the role.

Schools Ministry Billericay

Some changes have been going on at SMB as well. There are two new workers on board. Karen is focussing on Secondary school work and Charlotte is going to be helping out at Primary Schools. Ruth has become the strategic planner for helping SMB reach more families and communities, whilst Sue continues as the lead Primary Schools worker. The town is invited to join SMB as they celebrate their 25th Birthday on 24th September, 4pm at Emmanuel Church.

Youth Group

Youth Group has begun to take on a different shape. Over the course of the summer term we have been opening an hour earlier than normal to support some of our older members. SPACE has been a success and we’re looking to continue this in September and beyond. It is about giving young people the SPACE to reflect on what they are learning about faith, or getting additional support if they need it. We love to listen to the young people’s point of view about some very tricky subjects – approaching evolution vs creation and stem cell research before the summer holidays began. This term we are going to see where an extra half an hour a week takes us, what kind of theological understanding we agree with and what is needed in the way of supporting the young minds of Billericay.

Over the last year we have been raising money for work in Ciamanda and the work of McMillan Cancer Support. In total the young people raised over 300. This term we will be raising money for The Children’s Society and sharing with the young people the work that they do across the country.


SPARK met in June for the third annual Ninja Warrior tournament. The young people of Christ Church have a competitive streak. Jane had laid out several challenges in her garden and the young people took it in turns to see who could go round the fastest. It was very comprehensively won by Thomas Henderson in 2017.


During June and July, I attended two very good training sessions around E-Safety and Youth Work practice. It was good to come away from those sessions feeling refreshed and supported by the professionals who were teaching. The E-safety training was hosted by the Diocesan Youth Advisers and presented by Dr Bex Lewis who is a senior lecturer in Digital Marketing. It was useful to be reminded of some of the challenges the church faces when supporting young people who live most of their lives online.

In July, I attended a day hosted by Youthscape, one of the leading providers of youth worker training and resourcing in England. The event was called Tenacity and there were a number of workshops to attend. I refreshed my safeguarding training and also looked at contemplative ministry in youth work. The keynote speaker was Kate Middleton, is a psychologist focussing on Christian mental health. She taught us plenty about resilience and riding the waves of the storm with young people when life isn’t quite going to plan.

SOLID and Summer Festivals

In the middle of July, 18 young people and 8 adults attended SOLID, at Stubbers Activity Centre. We all had a brilliant weekend, learning about God, ourselves and each other, creating community and eating plenty of food. Every year SOLID has been attended by a lot of our young people. Over the next ten months we plan to invite Youth Group to join us in 2018. There’s already a team willing to attend with them and show the support that they need for a weekend away. I am really grateful for the adults who joined me for the weekend. Being 6 and a half months pregnant has its own challenges, but I was able to do an incredible amount of connecting with the young people because I didn’t have to worry about the practical aspect of feeding hungry mouths or knowing where everyone was.

A lot of our families were away over the summer holiday - visiting family, taking a well-earned rest, competing in sport or visiting many of the Christian festivals that happened in July and August.

Falcon Afloat, Churches Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS)

Ray and I, with 9 other adult team members and the FACT (Fellowship Afloat Charitable Trust) Team welcomed 22 young people aboard Trinity from 23rd – 28th July. We had an incredible time learning about God’s love for us and all about each other. This year we were full – 22 is the maximum amount of young people we can take away. Several came from a new partnership with the Make Lunch Project (something that I am passionate about), and others were from a variety of backgrounds, from across Essex and the country. It is always a bit of a risk gathering 22 young people on to a boat, no matter how much or how little they know each other. Ray and I were blessed to have a team that gelled together and showed an amazing amount of consistency and support to all the young people. We started as strangers and left as friends. One grandparent contacted us after the holiday to say

“It was so good to see her so cheerful when bidding farewell to the friends she made.  It was a good break for her for what are difficult circumstances and we are certain she has derived real benefit.”

Ray and I really love doing Falcon Afloat. We’re always on the lookout for themes, young people to take and adults to help out. CPAS have been a great support to us over the years and we are really grateful for their encouragement to keep on going – so much so they have booked next year’s Falcon Afloat already! If you know of any young people who are facing any form of hardship in their lives, please suggest to them that they may like to go on a ‘CPAS Falcon Holiday’. You can have a look at their holidays here:

Maternity Leave

By the time you read this I will be on Maternity Leave. Whilst I am away, please contact the church office and they will direct you to who you need to talk to. I will be taking 6 months away from work with a few ‘keeping in touch’ days in those months. There is more information about what will happen with different aspects of my role on the welcome table if you’d like to know anything further. I will be praying for those who are stepping into roles that they haven’t done before and for all the youth work that will happen without me. Please pray with me that everything goes smoothly.

It is an exciting time to be part of the youth work at Christ Church and in Billericay, if you feel God is calling you to join in please speak to Rev Margaret Fowler, Andy Butt or Carol Cockcroft.

Liz Skudder
Outreach Youth Worker
Christ Church


Liz FisherYouth Work Update - Summer 2017

Schools Work

In the weeks before Easter, Gary Bott (Baptist Youth Work Director) and I taught 16 classes at Mayflower High School to years 7 and 8 (11-13 yrs old) about the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection. It was great to be in the Religious Studies department almost every day speaking to students and staff. The lessons were well received and opened the door for teaching years 9 and 10 (14-16yrs old) about Christians in the Community, which is part of the GCSE curriculum. I have been able to give lessons with support from the department staff about content and group work.

Gary and I were also able to assist the Mayflower RS department as they took Year 7 students to Rochester Cathedral and Gravesend Gurdwara. The young people were well behaved and asked lots of questions of the tour guides. It has been a really interesting time at Mayflower High School over the last term and I am praying that we will still have the opportunity to be able to host a prayer space before the end of term.

Transforming Lives for Good (TLG)

In the last update I mentioned the work of TLG, a Christian charity which brings hope and offers a future through education to children and families going through a difficult time. In May leaders from Billericay churches were invited to the TLG Essex Awards Ceremony dinner when two children who had shown exceptional improvement over the last year received awards. I attended the dinner along with Rev Margaret Fowler, Gary Bott, Jane and Andy Robb (Revival Church Billericay), Ruth Strickland, Sally Grimes and ... (Schools Ministry Billericay). The evening encouraged us to dream big for the future of TLG in Billericay. It would be a town wide initiative to support young people and children who are struggling in full time education. Please keep praying for SMB as they seek the way forward.

Christ Church

The Holiday Bible Club at Christ Church was very well attended and loved by all the children who joined us over three days in Holy Week. Thank you to everyone who supported us during that week. Eastingle was quieter this year and we think that was due to the lack of publicity. We hope that next year we will be able to promote it more effectively.

Youth Group

After Easter we were joined by a couple of young people from Emmanuel Church as the main youth group leaders were taking a break to welcome their first child. The leaders were really happy with the transition that happened and we are really pleased to be able to help out.

We opened SPACE for the first time on Friday 21st April. SPACE is the half an hour before youth group when the young people can come for conversations with the youth group leaders to seek guidance on an issue affecting their lives, to ask questions about faith or to have a time of prayer. The team have seen a positive response to this, including the young people wanting to be in the building to help set up for the evening. It is really good that the young people are showing that they care about the Church building and its contents.


This term youth group are raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of a Grandad who passed away recently and its going very well so far. Tiana and Sophie held a bake sale straight after school on a Friday afternoon and raised over 50. Tiana also held a bake sale on 14th July for her Aunt who is in need of treatment.

Looking Forward

  • 7-9 July - Solid Youth Festival - please pray for the leaders and young people as they spend the weekend at Stubbers Activity Centre
  • 22-27 July - CPAS Falcon Afloat - Please pray for Liz and Ray and their team as they welcome 20 young people on the FACT Lightship at Tollesbury

Please pray for Liz and Ray as they prepare to welcome their baby boy into the world.

Spark met at the end of April for a games afternoon. Its a friendship group for our church teenagers that meets roughly once a half term. Using both physical and mental challenges, Jane Howell provided an entertaining afternoon for our young people. They relish competition in a friendly environment and are looking forward to a Ninja Warrior style challenge in late June.

Last summer we offered free drinks and snacks to young people at our Pokemon event. This summer I am planning to offer refreshments to young people when they pass by going to and from Lake Meadows and am hoping they will stop by to have a catch up with their friends.

Liz Skudder
Outreach Youth Worker
Christ Church



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