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Christ Church is part of a team ministry, with Emmanuel, Billericay, St Johns, Outwood Common and St Mary the Virgin, Little Burstead. We are also members of Churches Together in Billericay (CTB). Christ Church has supported several major evangelical events organised by CTB over the years.


Mission ‘84

As part of Mission ‘84 in July CTB produced ‘The Christ - the story of Jesus’ life performed throughout the town, starting in Lake Meadows Park with his Baptism, and working through the High Street and finally to Sun Corner, where the crucifixion and resurrection were staged.


Sermon on the Mount




“The town has become used to the Christians and their ‘Walk of Witness’ blocking the High Street on Good Fridays, but there has been nothing like this. On a blazing hot Saturday in July, the Christians re-enact the life of Christ. A huge number of people came to watch and followed the scenes as they moved through the town. As almost everyone in the churches seemed to be involved in some way, the majority of them must have been interested in seeing what we were up to.”


Mission ‘89

Also organised by CTB, but largely driven by Christ Church - because Rob, our vicar, was chairman at the time. Mission ‘89 invited J. John to come and speak to the town. This was a serious mission, and the Christians in the town were organised into local areas to pray for their street. There was a tent on Sun Corner and we invited those we knew to come along to one or more of the evenings.



This idea is promoted by the Childrens Society and is used by them as a fund raiser. At Christ Church it has proved enormously popular since being moved to Christmas Eve.
Christ Church now runs three Christingle services on Christmas Eve, catering for the very young in the afternoon through to the older children and adults in the early evening. The Christingle is a symbol, helping us remember the truth of the gospel.

  • The orange reminds us of the world.
  • The candle stands tall and straight and gives light in the dark like the love of God.
  • The red ribbon goes all around the ‘world’ and is a symbol of the blood Jesus shed when he died for us.
  • The four sticks point in all directions and symbolise North, South, East and West - they also represent the four seasons.
  • The friut, nuts and sweets represent the fruits of the earth - Gods gift to and for all of us, nurtured by the sunshine and the rain.




Launched in 2008, Eastingle is intended to pick up on the popularity of Christingle. It was developed at Christ Church by the youth worker and several of the Childrens team. Instead of an orange, a hot cross bun is used to remind us of the Easter story.



A Saturday morning event for Dads and small children. Breakfast and fun are available.


Street PastorsStreet Pastors

This was set up as a means for the churches in Billericay to provide help as required to the people on the High Street in Billericay on Friday and Saturday nights.


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